BELLE FULL PROJECT is designed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) of Zero Hunger, focusing specifically on Corn (Maize) production in cooperation with its enterprise development partners to drive economic inclusion of young female graduates and rural women groups that are maize farmers resident in Nigeria.

B & A Limited as a managing agent for BFP is introduced as the zero hunger innovative women/girl child business start-up, focusing specifically on corn (Maize) production and growth platform. This specifically will allow unemployed female graduates and women maize farmers to access improved seedlings and micro-credit facilities needed to commence, sustain and grow the business idea. In returns, it will allow beneficiaries ACTIVELY contribution to the economic activities of their local communities.

1.  It is designed to develop the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurships among young women

2.  Provide them with the necessary tools for maintaining business enterprise and good farm harvest

3.  Develop the entrepreneurial skills of the would-be entrepreneur to start, expand, diversify and manage a business enterprise as well as help rural women farmers with trainings, basic farming equipment and proper storage facility of harvest.

4.  Link them to financial institution for a start up capital especially microfinance banks

5.  To raise new maize crop entrepreneurs that can compete fervently in the global market 6.Manage micro enterprise as well as provide the bridge for the industrialization of the country

The project is to grant rural women groups access to seedlings and 9% single digit micro-credit facility to female graduates, leveraging on the WFP Innovation Accelerator Funding. The scheme is a proposal towards energizing the ongoing WFP Innovation Acceleration Funds exercise, working towards a greater adoption and acceptance by the general public, women business community and stakeholders.


To increase incomes and food security for poor maize producers and consumers  while  enhancing  the  sustainability  of  maize-based  production  systems  and  the  natural resource base.


•To provide women economic empowerment.

•To provide funding for micro business set up.

•To enhance grass-root economic development.

•To support the development of female youth entrepreneurs.

•To provide an enabling environment (access to finance, trade promotion and trade facilitation infrastructure) to boost investments in the MSME sector.

•To develop and strengthen, on a sustainable basis, the capacity of women cooperatives or groups to deliver financial and non-financial services inclusion.


Tapping into the already approved WFP Innovation Acceleration Funds

• Focus on Micro Enterprise development for women group(s).

• 100% of the BFP Startups are going to be women owned and related businesses

• The WFP warehouse will act as a storage for farmers and collection point for business entrepreneurs

• Drive the creation of direct 100 New jobs with over 5,000 newly Engaged Startup businesses over a period of 24 months nationwide

•Using short code technology to monitor and pass Information among